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Vocabulary: Talking about Charts and Graphs

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about nicht präzise, ungefähr (Adv.) Instant messaging is used by about one third of young people between 18 and 24.
almost fast, beinahe The numbers for x are almost as high as those for y.
Almost half of the people interviewed said that ...
amount Menge, Anzahl (für Unzählbares) Teenagers spend a large amount of money on clothes.
Teenagers spend a large amount of time online.
approximately ca., ungefähr The number rose by approximately 10 per cent.
astonishing erstaunlich There has been an astonishing increase in the number of DVDs sold.
to boom boomen Car sales boomed nationally in 2015
boom Aufschwung, rapider Anstieg There was a boom in spending on music and clothes.
to climb ansteigen Home prices have continued to climb steadily.
constant konstant The sales figures of C are quite constant.
to decline sinken The circulations of most types of newspaper have been declining steadily.
decline Rückgang New data reveals a steady decline in the number of daily Pokémon Go players
to decrease abnehmen The clicks decreased slightly.
decrease Abnahme There will be a decrease in income.
to double verdoppeln total amount has doubled
doubling Verdopplung There has been a doubling in the frequency of services from typically two to four trains per hour.
dramatic dramatisch We can observe a dramatic increase in personal bankruptcy
to drop fallen This month, these figures dropped to about 30,000,000 daily users
drop (in the number of) Fall, der Abfall The reason for this drop is not clear.
enormous riesig, enorm, ungeheuer viel An enormous number of people were playing Pokémon Go in the summer.
exactly genau X rose by exactly 5.4 per cent.
to explode explodieren The number of Pokémon Go users exploded in April.
explosion die Explosion The explosion in the number of Pokémon Go users in April was entirely unexpected.
to fall fallen The value of the Pound has fallen by ten per cent.
fall der Fall, der Abfall The fall in the value of the Pound is due to “Brexit”
to go up ansteigen Total spending on luxury goods has gone up since 2013.
gradual allmählich, sanft There has been a gradual decrease in the number of Facebook users.
graph Kurve We can see from the graph that ...
The graph shows that ...
to grow wachsen The market has grown steadily over the past five years.
growth das Wachstum After five years of steady growth, the numbers fell sharply this year.
to hold (be)halten The shares held their value.
to improve verbessern House sales have improved dramatically.
improvement die Verbesserung The improvement in house sales is due to ...
to increase (by) zunehmen The number of downloads has increased sharply.
The number of online customers has increased by 10 per cent.
increase die Zunahme There has been a sharp increase in the number of downloads.
insignificant nicht bedeutsam, nicht signifikant The cost of replacing the battery is insignificant when compared with the price of a new smartphone.
to jump springen Profits jumped from 10,000 to 15,000 Euros in September.
jump der Sprung The reason for this jump is not clear.
just over gut Just over 40 per cent of all people over 55 use instant messaging.
just under knapp Just under 20 per cent of all teenagers are on Facebook.
less than weniger, kleiner als Less than ten per cent of Snapchat users are also on Twitter.
more than mehr als More than 80 per cent of Snapchat users are also on Tumblr.
nearly fast, beinahe Nearly everyone in Germany has a smartphone.
negligible zu vernachlässigen The increase in X was negligible.
to not change sich nicht verändern The number has not changed since 2008.
on average im Durchschnitt On average, teenagers spent eight hours a day playing computer games.
opinion poll Meinungsumfrage According to an opinion poll, vegan sausages are better than carrots.
to peak den Höhepunkt erreichen Pokémon Go usage peaked in July.
peak Höhepunkt The use of Pokémon Go reached its peak in July at nearly 45,000,000.
percentage Prozentsatz A high percentage of Pokémon Go users are vegans.
progressive fortschreitend, zunehmend Since the end of the summer holidays, Pokémon Go has suffered a progressive decline in popularity.
We see a progressive decline in sales.
questionnaire Fragebogen Respondents to the questionnaire were mostly vegans.
rapid schnell, rasch Following the merger in 2005, there was a rapid increase in European sales.
to remain at a constant level auf einem konstantem Level verweilen, konstant bleiben Despite fierce competition, sales have remained at a constant level.
remarkable bemerkenswert, erstaunlich There has been a remarkable increase in...
to rise (rose, risen) ansteigen The number of downloads has risen sharply.
rise Aufstieg The reason for this rise is not clear.
roughly ungefähr Roughly the same number of people in the same age group are on Facebook.
sharp(ly) stark, drastisch The number of downloads has increased sharply.
This sharp increase can be explained by ...
to shrink (shrank, shrunk) schrumpfen The market for CDs has shrunk significantly.
significant beachtlich, bedeutend, bedeutsam, signifikant The market for CDs has shrunk significantly.
The rise in the number of users is not significant.
slight gering From 2014 to 2015, a slight increase can be observed.
stable stabil Prices have been stable since the beginning of the year.
to stay constant konstant bleiben Prices have stayed constant since the beginning of the year.
steady, steadily kontinuierlich The steady increase is due to ...
Prices have increased steadily since 2002.
sudden plötzlich The reason for this sudden drop in the value of the Pound is “Brexit”.
surprising überraschend The continued popularity of Samsung phones is surprising given the recent problems with overheating batteries.
survey Studie, Umfrage, Erhebung The graph shows the results of a recent survey.
unexpected unerwartet The continued popularity of Samsung phones is unexpected given the recent problems with overheating batteries.
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