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Globalisation: Fairtrade

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advantage Vorteil Speaking several foreign languages is an advantage.
Alternative Trade Organizations Organisation für alternativen Handel An alternative trading organization (ATO) is usually a non-governmental organization (NGO) or mission-driven business aligned with the Fair trade movement (source: Wikipedia)
benefit Vorteil What are the benefits of opening as early as 10 a.m.?
certified zertifiziert This t-shirt is fairtrade certified.
challenge Herausforderung I like a challenge.
challenging herausfordernd, schwierig My work as a chef is nice, but sometimes rather challenging.
competitor Konkurrent Our hotel has many local competitors.
conscientious gewissenhaft Working in the kitchen, you have to perform all your tasks conscientiously.
co-ops = co-operatives Kooperative In central American countries
Costa Rica In Costa Rica, there are a lot of coffee farmers.
decent anständig, angemessen Farmers are decent, hard-working people who deserve a decent income.
decrease verringern The number of guests has decreased by 10%.
disadvantage Nachteil The disadvantage of this proposal is that it would cost a lot of money.
ensure sicherstellen We have to ensure that our guests are happy
equal gleich All human beings are equal.
establishment Betrieb, Unternehmen, Geschäft Our hotel is a well-run establishment
ethical moralisch richtig Is it ethical to show adverts for sweets to children?
fair trade label Fairtrade Siegel/Label A lot of clothes have got fair trade labels today.
fairly traded goods fair gehandelte Waren Most supermarkets sell fairly traded goods these days.
Fairtrade Labelling Organization (FLO) Organisation für Fairtrade Labels Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO), in der Außendarstellung Fairtrade International, ist eine 1997 gegründete Dachorganisation für fairen Handel mit Sitz in Bonn. (source: Wikipedia)
foundation Grundlage The foundation of our society is equality.
groceries Lebensmittel We get most of our groceries at the organic supermarket.
humanitarian humanitär The Red Cross provides humanitarian aid in war zones.
income Einkommen The average income in Germany is rather high.
increase erhöhen Our revenue has increased.
independence Unabhängigkeit After working as a sous chef for ten years, I wanted my independence back.
interconnected miteinander verwoben/verbunden Everything is interconnected.
license Lizenz You need a license to sell liquor.
liveable lebenswert – zum Leben ausreichend You need a liveable wage to sustain yourself.
livelihood Lebensunterhalt Their livelihood depends on a good harvest.
living wage Existenzminimum everyone deserves a living wage
marketed vermarktet These goods are marketed as being sustainable.
needs and desires Wünsche und Bedürfnisse The customers have needs and desires that have to be met.
Nicaragua In Nicaragua, there are a lot of coffee farmers.
recognition Anerkennung
resilient strapazierbar, belastbar, widerstandsfähig Genetically modified plants are generally more resilient.
retention Behalt; Verbleib The retention of new staff is very important.
revenue Gewinn Our revenue has increased.
scheme Programm The local recycling scheme for plastic is quite advanced.
set amount eine festgelegte Anzahl The agree to produce a set amount
small loan kleines Darlehen The farmers can take out a small loan to finance their farm.
society die Gesellschaft Our society is fairly tolerant.
supply chain Versorgungskette The whole supply chain is not fairly traded yet.
support Hilfe, Unterstützung I will give you all the support you need.
sustainability Nachhaltigkeit Sustainability is important for the survival of our species.
sustainable nachhaltig the sustainable management of the land | They are managing the land sustainably
the economy die (Volks-)Wirtschaft The economy has been in crisis ever since 2008
the environment die Umwelt Schreibung!!! environ-ment The environment needs to be protected
the government die Regierung Schreibung!!! govern-ment | The government is protecting the environment
the northern hemisphere die Nordhalbkugel Countries in the norther hemisphere are richer than...
the southern hemisphere die Südhalbkugel ...countries in the southern hemisphere.
to adapt to s.th. sich anpassen We have to adapt to the changes.
to commit to s.th. sich zu etw. verpflichten We are committed to helping people.
to compromise s.th. gefährden, kompromittieren Not doing well in the job interview would compromise her chances of getting the job.
to contribute to something zu etw. beitragen A good education contributes to success in life.
to deserve s.th. etwas verdienen I deserve to be treated with respect.
to differentiate between A and B unterscheiden, differenzieren It is difficult to differentiate between the two options.
to fit in hineinpassen She fits in well here.
to improve s.th. verbessern Working conditions for kitchen staff have improved recently.
to make a commitment eine Verpflichtung eingehen Our boss has made the commitment to offering luxury accommodation at reasonable prices-
to recognize erkennen, anerkennen They recognized the need to employ more people in the hotel.
to recruit staff Angestellte einstellen Our hotel have recruited lots of new staff recently.
to retain s.th. etw. behalten Farmers want to retain their independence.
to support someone jemanden unterstützen The government ought to support single mothers.
to sustain s.th./s.o. aufrechterhalten, versorgen, unterstützen Her family sustained her when she lost her job.
to tackle a problem ein Problem angehen The government has to tackle (the problem of ) gender equality.
ultimately letztendlich A poor diet will ultimately lead to illness
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