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Exercises on Prepositions: Describing a Painting


Fill in the following prepositions. Most of them, you will have to use more than once. Use a dictionary to look them up if you do not know them.

The Hopper painting can be seen below.

If your answer is incorrect, the form will turn dark red. If it is right, it will become part of the text. You can find your score at the bottom.


Picture Description: Girl at Sewing Machine

The painting "Girl Sewing Machine" Edward Hopper 1921 is oil canvas and measures 48.3 46 centimeters. It is display the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum Madrid, Spain.

The eye-catcher the painting is the white dress the girl who is placed the middle the bottom half the painting. She is sitting a wooden chair, slightly bent her work. Her long, red hair is untied and flowing her shoulders. she is bending her work and one can see her right side, her hair is covering almost her entire face. One can only see her nose.

The girl can be seen head knee, her feet and calves are not painted. She is sitting her sewing machine, which one can also see the side, front a window, which the sun is shining. The sewing machine is standing top a table a wooden top and iron legs. the sewing machine, there is white material which the girl is working .

The window is painted the right. It is rather large and you cannot see the top it. the left-hand side, one can see half a dressing table a mirror which has an ornate wooden frame. the dressing table, there are a perfume bottle and a hair brush. the background, one can see the wall the room which is painted orange. the background the wall the middle the painting there is a small painting a brown frame. the wall you can also see the shadow the window. the bottom right-hand corner there is some red material. the top, one can only see the wall and the upper half the window.



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Hopper Girl at Sewing Machine
Edward Hopper [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Girl at Sewing Machine
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