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Exercises on Prepositions in an Essay

This is the beginning of an essay about Virginia Woolf's short story "Kew Gardens", which I wrote in 1996.
Task: Fill in the prepositions. There are lots of genitive-OFs, very many INs, and a few others. Use a dictionary to look them up if you do not know them.

Kew Gardens

Richmond near London are the largest botanical gardens the world, and probably the most beautiful as well. Visitors who come there may admire exotic, rare flowers and plants or enjoy a walk past artificial lakes and temples. her story Kew Gardens, Virginia Woolf succeeds both catching the atmosphere of a hot afternoon July these beautiful gardens, and thereby suggesting a relationship nature and the people walking the park.
first glance, nature and people seem to be two contrasting things, but later it becomes evident that they have elements common which make them appear parts of a great system brimming life. To be able to gain an idea this relationship between civilisation and nature it is worthwhile having a detailed look the way Virginia Woolf describes it. The story starts with a detailed description an oval flower-bed in the bright sunlight. Every part the flowers is mentioned, the stalks, the leaves, the petals, their colours and shapes, so the picture which arises before the reader’s mental eye is true life. However, there is something remarkable the way the flowers and the earth beneath them are described: Their parts are compared parts of the human body such as the human heart, throat, tongue, back, veins, and this hints the presence of people. Nevertheless, with a whole paragraph concentrating flowers, these hints are not obvious enough to prepare the reader the sudden mention of people in the second paragraph, which therefore comes a surprise; it even disturbs the picture the one hand. the other hand, there is something which integrates them into it: the sunlight, made red, blue and yellow by shining the petals of the flowers, flashes onto the earth, the leaves, drops of water, and into the eyes of the people passing every time the wind causes the flowers to move slightly.

And here are some more example sentences:

the beginning of the text, there is a description an empty street.

The author quotes an expert opinion as an example the other side the argument.

The author’s opinion the topic becomes apparent the third paragraph.

There is a conflict the two characters

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