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Using Connectives in a Comment

Gap-fill exercise

Task: This is a model comment about globalisation. It has been divided into four parts with gaps to fill. Good luck! Hints will give you a letter, the [?] will give you the German translation. If you use hints, your score can no longer be 100%. The hints will appear at the bottom of the page.

Globalisation – Good or Bad?

1. Introduction: fill in the following words and expression: but, in the following, among other things

Every day on my way from the station to school and back, I walk past the Occupy camp in M√ľnster. Occupy is an organisation who, , is against globalisation. what is globalisation – and is it really bad? , I shall present arguments for and against globalisation.

2. Pro-Part: Fill in the following words and expressions: as a result, by way of illustration, for example, first of all, secondly, moreover, the result of this is, another aspect is

, I have to admit that I love eating all kinds of fresh fruit all year round. , I love to eat crunchy apples which have been imported from New Zealand in May, when our home-grown apples from the previous autumn are all used up. , I love to eat strawberries at Christmas and asparagus in November, and without globalisation, this would not be possible.
, thanks to globalisation, it is rather easy for people from all over the world to work in a different country. is that many of my friends plan to go abroad to work in media and design after taking their final exams. , a friend of mine who has just taken her exam as a media designer applied for a job in San Francisco and now lives and works there in an advertising agency.
that goods such as electronic devices or cars are relatively cheap thanks to globalisation. Big corporations often move their production to countries in which labour is cheap. , people like you and I can afford to buy gadgets like, for example, smart phones or laptops.

3. Transition (Überleitung) and Contra-Part: Fill in the following words and expressions: however, obviously, the downside of this is, but on the other hand, obviously, it is true that, on the one hand, in addition, take for example, the most important argument is

, one could argue that globalisation is a good thing. , it also has a dark side.
we can buy any kind of fruit, exotic fish and cheap meat all year round. , however, pollution. The food has to be shipped to us, and this is often done by plane, which releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and causes it to heat up. This leads to climate change, and one has to ask oneself if the luxury of eating any kind of food at any time of the year is worth destroying the planet.
, the world-wide job market is indeed open to us, , we might have to leave our own country without wanting to because people from other countries, who are perhaps better qualified than oneself, come to Germany and take jobs. This is clearly a disadvantage.
The two points I’ve just mentioned are definitely important, but clearly the following: When a big company moves production to a cheap-labour country, jobs in the country from which production is moved are lost. This happened when the Finnish company Nokia moved production of their mobile phones from Germany to Romania a few years ago. , the working conditions in cheap-labour countries are often so terrible that it is unethical to buy goods produced there. textiles from Tunisia. The other day, I read about a female worker aged 16 who has to work 70 hours a week, often has to work at night and is in danger of losing her job if she ever becomes ill.
4. Conclusion: Fill in the following words and expressions: all in all, weighing the pros and cons

, I have come to the conclusion that globalisation makes life more convenient in well-off countries like Germany if you happen to have a job, but the counter arguments are too strong. I think that the Occupy people might have a point in opposing globalisation.

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